my past life as a mob wife


One of my irrational fears is being framed. This probably comes from too much crime television and novels. I was recently turned on to the podcast Serial, and I was hooked. More like obsessed. I listened to the entire 12 episodes in 1.5 days. Work was more enjoyable during this time as I was able to tune out most everything, success! But the podcast only makes me feel like my “irrational” fear really isn’t that irrational. Or maybe who you hang out with is a huge deal, like my parents always stressed growing up.

I have always thought that if I had another life, I was probably a mob wife in it. Reason 1 is my fear of being framed. The only explanation of this fear is my potential mob wife past life. I have seen Goodfellas enough times to know that it is standard business for one mob to frame another mob for a whack job. I mean most fears stem from experiences, whether people realize it or not. So it makes even more sense that I was in-fact a mob wife. The evidence is just stacking up. Reason number 2 is that I literally get involuntary chills up my body when a cop drives by. I have not been in trouble with the law and there is nothing that I could even imagine I could get in trouble for, except that I stick it to The Man by getting my inspection done on the morning of the first day of the month after my inspection sticker expired. Well there was one minor run-in with the law as an 18 year old at a party. Everyone ran and my respect/fear of authority kicked in and I turned myself in. I’ll save that for another time because it is hilarious. I understand most people get nervous when they see cops even if they aren’t doing anything wrong, but I get an uncontrollable chill up my spine. Even siren noises can trigger this response. Reason 3 I think mob wife, versus straight OG, is the aforementioned southern respect for all authority figures, deserved or not, no questions asked. I was probably more along for the ride as mob wife.

So my fear of being framed stems from my past life as a mob wife. And now that I know real, everyday people really can get framed, I’m on edge this week worried about who I might know that would be capable of something like that. Also the court system is totally jacked. That is another topic. The lesson of the story NEVER lend your phone, car etc. to that morally questionable friend or family member that you think would help you dispose of a body if you called them, instead of turning you in. Because that person could also frame you.

Anyone who would like to discuss the podcast, I would be overjoyed. Going to bed last night I was tossing and turning from all the thoughts in my head, so Adam asked what they were about. The first one I voiced was “whether Adnan is innocent”, then the usual work, wedding, diet bs. I’m pretty sure that was not the response he was expecting.