right off the fryer


I am young, not at heart of course, but nothing makes me feel old like talking to my baby sister and trying to keep up with the latest acronyms, as I eluded to in my last post. Youngsters, excluding myself, just take it for granted that everyone will know what LOL means. My grandma sent a text to me about my great grandpa’s funeral service and ending it with LOL. Laughing out loud seemed a bit inappropriate. My grandma is a sweet person, granted she has an edge, so I decided that it meant lots of love to her.

When we were kids my grandma had a bright purple Mustang.  We absolutely loved it and just wanted to touch it all the time, until my grandma saw us touching it.

“If you kids touch my car one more time I’m going to rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody end!”

This is the edge I’m referring to.

 Until very recently I thought SMH stood for so much hate. It works in almost every situation. For example, I got a chat from a co-worker about that lazy person in the office. “They didn’t run the report again. SMH.” So much hate makes perfect sense. “We have to work on Labor Day. SMH.” Apparently it means shaking my head. I would never think “shaking my head” to that statement. I would however be filled with hate.

So here are my versions of the latest acronyms I have seen.

SMH – so much hate.

IRL – I’m really laughing (since LOL is used even when not actually laughing out loud).

ROTF – right off the fryer. Makes no sense at all. But acronyms are literally impossible to figure out.

IYKWIM – this one blew my mind. I mean the time it would take to decipher something like this? Ridiculous. I’m yawning knowing.. that is as far as I got.

In honor of my edgy and amazing grandma, I’ll leave you with another hilarious “cat breading” photo (still can’t believe this is a thing), mostly because she hates furry things. Any squirrel that even looks at her plants wrong is fated to receive a pellet in the rear from her BB gun, always loaded and peacefully perched on her lamp.

Last "cat breading" photo, I swear

Last “cat breading” photo, I swear